City Personnel:
City Clerk – Amanda Vanderhoff
Public Works Director – Anthony Larsen
Police Officer - Adam McQueen

Mayor & Council:
Mayor: Kay Gifford 712-446-2033
Mayor Pro-Tem: Bruce Engelke
Nancy Kuehl
Johanna Homan
Patrick Nelson
Bruce Engelke
Tyler Draper

Contact City Hall at 712-446-2243 or to have your questions or concerns passed on to Mayor or Council.
City Hall is open Monday thru Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon & 1:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Boards & Committees
Community Fund Board
Amanda Vanderhoff
Joyce Zubrod
Crystal Renken
Colleen Johnson
Travis Wohlert
Bruce Engelke

Economic Development Board
Tyler Draper – Councilmember
Sharon Flinders - Flinders Tax & Accounting Solutions LLC  712-446-3749
Macey Friedrichsen - Friedrichsen Meat Company
Jim Johnson – Security State Bank
Jordan Bird – Bird Seed LLC
Andy Jacobs - Ziegler CAT - Branch Operations Mgr.
Patrick Nelson - Council Member
Doug Sweeney – Sweeney Farm & Home Center

Library Board of Trustees
Amy Fuller – President
Amy Fuller – Vice President
Cindy Barnes - Treasurer
Cindy Lindahl
Kaleigh Larsen
Jami Webster
Dennis Fogelman

Park Board
Crystal Renken - President
Kay Gifford - Treasurer
Johanna Homan - Secretary
Drew Gifford
Mari Radtke
Anthony Larsen
Gina Kiehn

Zoning Board
Anthony Larsen
Mike Flinders
Gary "Bud" Tunink
Doug Sweeney

WATER: Tyler Draper and Bruce Engelke
STREETS & SIDEWALKS: Nancy Kuehl and Patrick Nelson
SANITATION SEWER: Bruce Engelke and Patrick Nelson
LIGHTS: Tyler Draper
PARK: Johanna Homan
TOWN PROPERTY: Johanna Homan and Bruce Engelke
COMMUNITY BUILDING: Jill Jurgensen, Elizabeth Peters, Johanna Homan, & Rebecca Webster
SPRUCE UP SUTHERLAND: Johanna Homan, Sharon Flinders, Kay Gifford

Download City Documents

All documents are in PDF format. They must be completed and signed then returned to City Hall.

You may return them by scanning & emailing; mailing to PO Box 8, using the city drop box or bring them into City Hall. All fees must be paid prior to the City of Sutherland accepting any forms.

Employment application - no fee

APPLICATION FOR UTILITY SERVICES (residential) – deposit of $250 required or proof of good payment history with prior utility company

Application for Utility Services (Commercial) – deposit of $150 required

Building permits – fee $20.00

Parking Permits – no fee

Payment Agreement – no fee

Request to be on Agenda – no fee

ATV/Golf Cart Permit Application - $25.00 per ATV/Golf Cart & $25.00 per driver

Bank-Collect-Check/Auto Payment Form (Security State Bank customers) – no fee

Bank-Collect-Check/Auto Payment Form (All Banks) - no fee

Resident Moving Out Form – no fee

Store Front Loan Application - $35.00 - limited to 3 businesses per fiscal year ( July 1 - June 30)

Spruce Up Sutherland application 2024 - no fee

Application for Appointments

Citizen Complaint Form

Community Fund Board Application

Sutherland City Code of Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance

Invitation to Bidders - 515 Pine Street

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